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Jackman, Maine - Moose River Bow Loop

Trip Description:

The 34 mile Moose River Bow canoe camping trip is one of the most outstanding canoe trips in Maine, encompassing Attean and Holeb Ponds and a bow section of the Moose River as it circles Bog Number 5.

There are two major portages, with one being 1.25 miles around Holeb Falls.

Expect to see plenty of moose, beavers, geese, and loons. The best time to catch a glimpse of them is in the early morning.

There are twenty-one wilderness campsites scattered along the route. The campsites at Holeb Falls and Attean Falls are exceptionally beautiful.

Canoe Launches:

There are two launching areas on this trip. Attean Pond is the recommended launch since it doesn't entail driving approximately 8 miles down unmarked roads. However if the wind and weather is not cooperative, you may want to put in at the launch on Holeb Pond.


There are several portages on this trip. If you have high water there are at least two major portages - .25 mile Holeb Falls portage and the 1.25 mile long Attean to Holeb Pond portage. In lower water you may have to portage at Spencer Rips, Mosquito Rips and Attean Falls.

Backcountry Food Practices:

There are bears and other critters that would love to have a free meal, so it is recommended that you take proper precautions to prevent problems.

Here is a list of best backcountry food practices:

  • Pack a Minimal Amount of Food - The less food to store the better. Use lightweight and dehydrated foods.
  • Cook and Eat Before 5 pm - Do not have food out when bears are active.
  • Cook Away From Your Campsite - Choose an area at least 100 feet away.
  • Be Neat and Clean While Cooking - Avoid spills and drippings.
  • Keep Food in Storage Containers - Only take out the food you plan to cook. Keep containers nearby and store food immediately if a bear approaches your cooking area.
  • Avoid Leftovers - Carefully plan your meals and eat all that you cook.
  • Never Leave Food Unattended - Bears often watch, hidden in woods, waiting for opportunities to steal food.
  • Use Bear Resistant Food Canisters - These are a highly effective means for preventing bears from getting your food, toiletries and garbage. C
  • If You Do Use Food Hangs - Use dark colored cord only as bears can more easily see lighter color ropes and have come to associate them with a food source. Cord should be 75 feet long and the bag should be hung 15 feet above the ground and at least 10 feet away from trees.
  • Do NOT Store or Hang Food in Backpacks - The backpack will retain food odors and attract bears.

Black Flies and Mosquitoes:

Depending on the time of year you may have to deal with varying degrees of black flies and mosquitoes. It is recommended that you pick up DEET laced bug repellent, a head net and maybe even a bug shirt, and read up on bugs in the north to prevent from becoming a bug feast!!

Moose River Bow Loop Brochure:

Map Resources:

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